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Your tarot card is ‘The Tower’, de­pict­ing tons of sil­ver lin­ings ahead. You adopt a new fit­ness regime, with a healthy diet plan to go with it which helps you shed pounds and en­hance your beauty. You de­cide to grow your tresses long and un­dergo re­lax­ing treat­ments for shiny, gor­geous hair. You are very par­tic­u­lar about your hair and tak­ing care of them by reg­u­lar trim­ming, con­di­tion­ing and oil­ing comes nat­u­rally to you. Reds and or­anges look great on you. You de­cide to add colour to your cheeks by in­vest­ing in a great blush. You may meet some­one in­teresing. Tip of the month: Mas­sage your roots and scalp as it works won­ders for hair growth.

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