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Why: “There is a build-up of dead cells and dry skin in the win­ters which makes the skin dry, patchy and dull. Also, we ap­ply a greater quan­tity of oils and creams to deal with the de­hy­dra­tion, which may block the pores,” says Dr. Agar­wal, which is why one must con­tinue ex­fo­li­at­ing. In­stead: Ex­fo­li­ate us­ing a mild scrub to re­move this build-up and clean your pores. Ideally, when done once a week this will soften your skin and even clear black and white heads. For nat­u­ral ex­fo­lia­tors, Dr. Sarkar shares, “use honey with sugar to scrub the face and body, or al­mond gran­ules even, as th­ese are all mild agents.”

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