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In the bat­tle of sul­fate-free ver­sus sul­fate-har­bour­ing sham­poos, which one should win is en­tirely based on your judge­ment on whether or not your hair type and con­di­tion needs a par­tic­u­lar kind. As Asha aptly notes, “I don’t al­ways agree with this ob­ses­sion with ev­ery­thing nat­u­ral ei­ther. Re­mem­ber, even nat­u­ral aritha (soap­nuts) can dry up the hair com­pletely. It doesn’t come with a con­trolled me­tre mea­sur­ing how much cleans­ing or dry­ing it should do. What’s im­por­tant is that con­sumers should make a sen­si­ble de­ci­sion, which is why it is very im­por­tant to opt for pro­fes­sional sham­poos. When you go to buy a shampoo, you see a lot of on-the-shelf op­tions. Most con­sumers are happy with such sham­poos, as they have sul­fate that gives a good amount of lather. But, such prod­ucts also con­tain a lot of conditioner. Th­ese sham­poos are func­tional, but not so­lu­tion ori­ented. In a pro­fes­sional shampoo, the amount of sul­fate is al­ways strictly mon­i­tored. And, there is a ques­tion of how much sul­fate should a par­tic­u­lar type of shampoo use be­cause ev­ery­body needs a dif­fer­ent dose. So, sul­fates are not jus­ti­fied in sham­poos found on-the-shelf, but def­i­nitely jus­ti­fied in the pro­fes­sional range of sham­poos found in a sa­lon or at a hairstylist’s end.” As al­ways, it all comes down to choos­ing wisely, and opt­ing for a prod­uct that is best suited for you.

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