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Tem­po­rary ex­ten­sions are usu­ally fit­ted with clips and eas­ily ap­plied with­out pro­fes­sional as­sis­tance. There are a va­ri­ety avail­able, both on the high street and in spe­cial­ist shops, or even on­line. Some use a cir­clet of a nar­row, clear cord to place on the head un­der your own hair. Per­ma­nent ex­ten­sions are ap­plied by a range of meth­ods: Mi­cro-ring loops, are strands of hair at­tached to small ‘rings’, fas­tened di­rectly to locks of your own hair, and closed firmly into place us­ing pli­ers. Wefts, are strips of hair at­tached to a band or ’weft’ at the top and are ap­plied in a length, to the hair. This can be at­tached by one of the fol­low­ing meth­ods:

• Mi­cro-rings to se­cure the weft to your nat­u­ral hair • Braided, ex­ten­sion wefts sewn into corn­rows worked

around the head Pre-bonded ex­ten­sions have in­di­vid­ual ker­atin bonds, which must be ap­plied in-sa­lon by one of the fol­low­ing meth­ods: • Clas­sic/hot fu­sion, a hot tool used to fuse the pre-bonded

strips to your nat­u­ral hair near the scalp • Cold fu­sion, us­ing ul­tra­sound to loosen the bond and at­tach to the hair—it’s ap­plied closer to the scalp than the clas­sic method as it does not use heat Pre-taped, th­ese have an ad­he­sive strip across the top which se­cures around the hair close to the roots.

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