From an ath­lete in in 2007, to now play­ing a Pun­jabi in your lat­est, tell us all about it. You even learnt how to speak Pun­jabi for the film....

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I’ve al­ways wanted to ex­per­i­ment with cinema and I never seg­re­gated it ac­cord­ing to lan­guage. I never wanted to be type­cast as the Bol­ly­wood girl. I did a lot of home­work when it came to es­say­ing this char­ac­ter; a good six months was spent in Pun­jab try­ing to un­der­stand the psy­che of a typ­i­cal Pun­jabi girl. Dic­tion classes, watch­ing a lot of Pun­jabi films, I did it all. I don’t want to do things that don’t ex­cite me, but cinema is pure pas­sion. Some­day I might do Tamil and Ben­gali films now that I’ve al­ready dab­bled in Pun­jabi and Marathi cinema!

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