For hair, re­ally?

It’s true, your tresses NEED a ‘hair sun­screen’! If you’re won­der­ing why, HENA DE­SAI has the an­swers...

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We’re all aware of how the sun can prove to be dam­ag­ing for the skin, leav­ing it dull and wrin­kled. While there’s no ques­tion­ing the fact that you need sun­screen for your skin to com­bat th­ese is­sues, ever won­dered if it holds true for your hair as well? As it turns out, yes! Just as ex­po­sure to the sun af­fects your skin, it also im­pacts your hair, leav­ing it dull, frag­ile and prone to split ends. Long hours in the sun with­out pro­tec­tion can pave the way for some se­ri­ous trou­bles such as fad­ing hair colour, thin­ning hair, de­hy­dra­tion and even a burnt scalp! The UV rays can de­stroy the outer coat­ing of the hair and pen­e­trate deeper, af­fect­ing the in­ner lay­ers as well. If the hair shaft is dam­aged, it will af­fect the tex­ture and even slow down your hair growth. Now we don’t want that, do we? To make sure your hair is well pro­tected and in the best con­di­tion, it’s high time you get into the habit of coat­ing your locks with a hair sun­screen. No, we’re not mak­ing it up—as peo­ple are get­ting in­creas­ingly con­scious about the health of their hair and scalp, hair sun­screens have now be­come a pop­u­lar prod­uct.

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