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Your tarot card is ‘The Sun’, de­pict­ing fame and for­tune. Work life is pro­gres­sive and you steadily climb up the lad­der. You are so­cially ac­tive and pay at­ten­tion to the way you present your­self. You try a hair­style which ac­cen­tu­ates your fea­tures and go for bold colours. Use vo­lu­mis­ing prod­ucts to add some bounce and gen­er­ously ap­ply a hy­drat­ing shampoo and conditioner. Don’t for­get to mois­turise your skin this sea­son to look your ul­ti­mate best. All shades of gold and peach suit you. For those who are dat­ing, love life is fun and full of ex­cite­ment.

Tip of the month: Keep smil­ing.

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