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Biolage Ad­vanced Repairinside is the first dual re­pair pro­fes­sional treat­ment from MA­TRIX that acts both, from inside and out­side of the hair fi­bre. Biolage Ad­vanced Repairinside is pow­ered with for­mu­las that have been de­signed and tested specif­i­cally for In­dian hair—it brings to­gether the good­ness of na­ture with soya oil along with the power of molec­u­lar sci­ence with argi­nine. Soya oil helps re­store the cu­ti­cle shield of the hair from the out­side. It re­fills de­pleted lipids and seals split ends to build a pro­tec­tive layer, shield­ing against fu­ture dam­age. While argi­nine pen­e­trates into the cor­tex to help re­con­struct dam­aged pro­teins from inside and re­con­structs hair at an in­tra-cel­lu­lar level as it builds ker­atin—the main pro­tein of hair. The Repairinside ser­vice con­sists of a com­pre­hen­sive set of in-sa­lon treat­ments and home-care prod­ucts with 360° ac­tion that re­con­structs dam­aged hair from inside as well as out­side. Don’t for­get to pick up the MA­TRIX Biolage Ad­vanced Repairinside home­care range which in­cludes a re­pair­ing sham­poo, con­di­tioner and leave-in cream.

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