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Cos­me­tol­o­gist, Blush Clinic “I can’t stress on this enough—use sun­screen 365 days a year. I use it dili­gently my­self as it helps keep pig­men­ta­tion, signs of age­ing, and wrin­kles at bay. I am 43 years old but peo­ple say I don’t look older than 30—all thanks to my sun­screen, I say!” Rec­om­mended regime: Cleanse twice a day with a pH bal­anced face wash. Use a sun­block with SPF 30, which you may reap­ply ev­ery 2-3 hours. In case you plan to hit the pool or spend time on the beach, switch the sun­screen to one that of­fers SPF 50. Use an anti-fun­gal pow­der in the folds of your skin to avoid fun­gal in­fec­tions caused by sweat. Keep your­self hy­drated by drink­ing tons of wa­ter and eat bright-coloured fruits that are rich in anti-ox­i­dants to fight the free rad­i­cals pro­duced in the skin due to sun ex­po­sure. Should you tan, use a mix­ture of yo­ghurt and turmeric to re­duce it. Wear com­fort­able cot­ton clothes and use an um­brella to shield your­self from the harsh sun!

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