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Avène Mar­ket­ing and Train­ing Man­ager “Most women with sen­si­tive skin no­tice that their skin’s thresh­old is re­duced; it may be­gin to over­re­act and cause dis­com­fort in the form of sting­ing, tight­ness, warm or burn­ing sen­sa­tions and even desqua­ma­tion. To soothe and calm the skin, use an anti-ir­ri­tat­ing fa­cial spray such as the Avène Ther­mal Spring Wa­ter.” Rec­om­mended regime: I rec­om­mend a hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion rou­tine to pre­vent dark spots and main­tain a ra­di­ant skin tone. Start with ad­e­quate sun pro­tec­tion. Cor­rect dark spots with a spot re­duc­tion treat­ment such as the Avène D-Pig­ment Dark Spot Light­ener, fol­lowed by the Eau Ther­male Avène Sen­si­tive White Essence to main­tain a glow­ing com­plex­ion.

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