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Dr. Ra­jat Kandhari, Spe­cial­ist in Skin, Cos­metic Der­ma­tol­ogy & STD “As sum­mer ap­proaches, the UV ra­di­a­tion be­comes harsher, and in­ter­min­gled with pol­lu­tion, this has de­grad­ing effects on the skin as it ac­ti­vates free rad­i­cals in the skin. Use ad­e­quate sun­screen and opt for ‘dry touch’ or matte fin­ishes. A good op­tion for this would be the An­ti­he­lios XL Gel. What you eat and drink re­flects on your skin so be care­ful of that as well.” Rec­om­mended regime: Fol­low­ing a strict CTM rit­ual is never bet­ter than in the sum­mers. Tone your skin with a non-al­co­holic toner such as the Vichy Nor­ma­derm and mois­turise well. Those who reg­u­larly use make-up must make it a point to use a good cleanser as the sum­mers make the skin more sus­cep­ti­ble to break­outs.

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