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UVA RAYS: UVA rays ac­count for up to 95% of the sun’s UV ra­di­a­tion reach­ing the Earth’s sur­face. These rays pen­e­trate the skin deeply and cause sev­eral is­sues such as skin age­ing, wrin­kling, tan­ning and some in some cases, even skin cancer. UVB Rays: These rays are known for caus­ing dam­age to the epi­der­mal or su­per­fi­cial lay­ers of the skin. It is known to cause skin red­den­ing, sun­burns, pho­toage­ing and skin cancer as well. These rays can burn and tan your skin all year round. SPF: Sun Pro­tec­tion Fac­tor refers to the amount of pro­tec­tion a sun­screen lo­tion of­fers mainly against UVB rays. Sun­screens with SPF 15-30 roughly of­fer 93-98% pro­tec­tion against sun dam­age. PA: This de­notes the amount of sun pro­tec­tion a sun­screen of­fers against UVA rays. These are la­belled as ‘PA+, PA++, PA+++’, re­fer­ring to the in­ten­sity of the pro­tec­tion against UVA rays.

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