Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced Scalp­pure (for an un­healthy, dan­druff prone scalp):

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This multi-cor­rec­tive so­lu­tion of­fers 72 hours of scalp bal­ance that com­bats con­cerns such as dan­druff, grease, odour and itch­i­ness. The range is en­riched with berg­amot and zinc pyrithione that help pu­rify a dis­tressed scalp. You can ex­pe­ri­ence this range with two in-salon ser­vices: the Scalp­pure An­tiDan­druff Treat­ment and the Scalp Detox. This range com­prises of Bi­o­lage’s first ever Clar­i­fy­ing Scalp Scrub and home­care that in­cludes a Dan­druff Con­trol Sham­poo, a Com­plete So­lu­tion Con­di­tioner that works on the hair and scalp and the first ever Com­plete So­lu­tion Scalp Serum.

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