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Ex­fo­li­a­tion: This has to be the most ob­vi­ous and no­tice­able ben­e­fit. Dry brush­ing helps you rid your skin of dead cells and un­clog pores to re­veal no­tice­ably smooth skin. Stim­u­lat­ing the lym­phatic sys­tem: The lym­phatic sys­tem car­ries blood all over your body and brush­ing in cir­cu­lar strokes di­rected to­wards the heart as­sists in lym­phatic drainage, thus re­leas­ing tox­ins from the sys­tem and pro­vid­ing a thor­ough detox. Re­duc­ing cel­lulite: Cel­lulite is a bane that troubles us all and if for noth­ing else, you must try dry brush­ing for this ben­e­fit. The brush­ing ac­tion soft­ens the fat de­posits and bumps while re­leas­ing tox­ins, thus help­ing to smoothen the skin and ban­ish cel­lulite. Boost­ing cir­cu­la­tion: The gen­tle dry brush strokes im­prove blood cir­cu­la­tion through­out the body and also make your skin look in­vig­o­rated. De-stress­ing: The ef­fects of dry brush­ing have of­ten been com­pared to that of a mas­sage as it re­laxes your mus­cles and also en­er­gises your body.

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