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Dry brush­ing can eas­ily be­come a part of your daily skin­care rou­tine; you’ll only need a cou­ple of min­utes be­fore your morn­ing shower for it. Start­ing from the feet, brush your dry skin in gen­tle, cir­cu­lar mo­tions and work your way up­wards your stom­ach, arms and fi­nally the ch­est (this is where the lym­phatic sys­tem drains so work well around this re­gion). You can even try dry brush­ing your face but make sure you use a spe­cially de­signed brush for this which has softer bris­tles than the ones you use for your body. Pro­ceed with your usual shower af­ter­wards and mois­turise well to re­veal fab­u­lous skin. Here’s a bonus for you: since your pores will be un­clogged, any prod­ucts you use af­ter such as your shower gel and mois­turiser will pen­e­trate into the skin and ben­e­fit you more!

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