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A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. While most scalp treat­ments only tar­get dan­druff, the Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced Scalp­pure Range from MA­TRIX is a multi-cor­rec­tive so­lu­tion that goes be­yond ad­dress­ing dan­druff con­cerns to treat other scalp is­sues as well. To fur­ther help salon ex­perts di­ag­nose ef­fi­ciently, MA­TRIX has launched its Scalp Di­ag­no­sis Cam­era. De­signed to work in con­junc­tion with Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced Scalp­pure, the scalp di­ag­no­sis cam­era will help salon ex­perts cre­ate an end-to-end pro­fes­sional ecosys­tem for holis­tic so­lu­tions. A mar­vel of modern in­no­va­tion, the scalp di­ag­no­sis cam­era fea­tures: Up to 30X in­tense mag­ni­fi­ca­tion for pre­cise di­ag­no­sis Back­light, pow­ered by re­place­able bat­tery, for im­proved clar­ity Er­gonomic, light­weight, and portable de­sign

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