What types can I choose from?

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Tem­po­rary: These are tem­po­rar­ily clipped onto your hair and re­moved there­after. They may be worn for spe­cial oc­ca­sions to make your hair look longer, thicker or coloured for short pe­riod of time. They are avail­able in ei­ther syn­thetic or hu­man hair which de­cides their cost and dura­bil­ity. These last for as long as you wish as they may be clipped on and off at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals that pre­vents them from wear­ing out. Per­ma­nent: These are per­ma­nently sewn, glued or beaded onto the hair for a long-last­ing ef­fect. They too come in two forms i.e. hu­man or syn­thetic hair. Since the hu­man hair ex­ten­sions can sur­vive al­most any hair treat­ment, they last longer de­pend­ing on their care. The syn­thetic ones may not last as long and at the most last upto two years de­pend­ing on how well you care for them.

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