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A mi­cro fringe is bold, trendy and can el­e­vate your look al­most in­stantly. We can see how it’s easy to get fooled by the edgi­ness of the look when waif-like Parisian mod­els in wispy clothes flaunt the baby bangs. How­ever, it’s im­por­tant to take into ac­count the amount of work re­quired be­fore com­mit­ting to this ex­treme hip­ster trend.

Get The Look:

The mi­cro fringe is a mas­sive com­mit­ment. It’s not wash and go, and it’s def­i­nitely not for the lazy girl. The fringe has to be combed and set at night with a head­band on top. It has to be ironed out ev­ery morn­ing. You’ll need a mini flat iron, a spray or po­made that holds the fringe in its place, and a silk head­band that locks in mois­ture while you sleep.


There’s no turn­ing back af­ter get­ting the mi­cro fringe. You can’t clip it or twist it or slick it back.

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