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1. Mix one tea­spoon each of vine­gar and honey with one egg. Mas­sage the mix­ture lightly into the scalp. Sham­poo hair af­ter half an hour. You could also try beat­ing yo­gurt and egg to­gether to make a nour­ish­ing hair pack, which also adds vol­ume to your hair. 2. Brew some tea by ad­ding hot wa­ter to green tea leaves, or us­ing green tea bags. You should have about five to six cups of tea. Cool, strain, add the juice of a lemon and use as a last rinse af­ter sham­poo. 3. Rins­ing the hair with beer helps add shine and vol­ume to dry hair. Add the juice of a lemon to beer and use as a last rinse. Leave on for five min­utes and rinse with plain wa­ter. 4. Blend a ba­nana and an av­o­cado to­gether and add one ta­ble­spoon of olive oil. Ap­ply the mix­ture as a hair pack, to re­store health, soften and con­di­tion your locks. Sham­poo af­ter let­ting this sit on the hair for an hour.

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