The Touch of Pu­rity

BRINDA GILL tells you ev­ery­thing you’ve ever wanted to know about cold-pressed oils.

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Cold-pressed oils are the lat­est in skin­care, es­pe­cially for dry and sen­si­tive skin that needs con­stant care and nour­ish­ment. Due to the unique ex­trac­tion process, cold-pressed oils are con­sid­ered pure and tend to re­tain all the valu­able nu­tri­ents. Although win­ter is on its way out in most parts of the coun­try, in many re­gions, the cold weather still lingers on. The cold, dry­ness and breeze of­ten make skin feel dry and tight and ap­pear dull. Nour­ish­ing it right can trans­form dry and dull skin and make it ap­pear soft, sup­ple and ra­di­ant. One of the best and eas­i­est ways of do­ing this is sim­ply ap­ply­ing a few drops of cold-pressed oil to your skin.

A Gift of Na­ture

Cold-pressed oils are ex­tracted from seeds, nuts, co­conut flesh, olives, cit­rus peels and other nat­u­ral sources. The process of ex­trac­tion is what makes the oil so rich in nu­tri­ents. The in­gre­di­ents are placed in a press, crushed and ground with­out the use of heat, vac­uum, steam, sol­vent or any other el­e­ment, un­til oil oozes out. This oil is packed with vi­ta­mins, minerals and essen­tial fatty acids and is de­void of chem­i­cals or preser­va­tives. It’s also very flavour­ful and aro­matic. “Cold-pressed oils are what na­ture in­tended to give us! It is the purest form of oil and has the high­est con­cen­tra­tion of nu­tri­ents when com­pared to oils ex­tracted by other pro­cesses. Cold-pressed oils are full of nat­u­ral good­ness and are ex­cel­lent for top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion through the year and more so in cold weather when the skin is dry, itchy and pos­si­bly flaky,” says Rahul Kale, Co-Founder, Iraya, a brand that pro­motes for­mu­la­tions of cold-pressed oils. “Cold-pressed oils nour­ish and mois­tur­ize the skin mak­ing it health­ier. They re­duce the ap­pear­ance of fine lines; im­prove skin’s elas­tic­ity, tone and tex­ture; re­duce itch­i­ness and scars. The struc­ture of the mol­e­cules of cold-pressed oils is such that the skin ab­sorbs them eas­ily. In other words, these oils do not block the pores, thus al­low­ing their ben­e­fits to reach the cells. The oil also forms a pro­tec­tive bar­rier on the skin pre­vent­ing de­hy­dra­tion that is par­tic­u­larly help­ful in cold weather,” ex­plains Rahul.

A Choice of Oils

Cold-pressed hemp oil eas­ily pen­e­trates through your skin. It de­creases dry­ness and keeps skin mois­turised. Cold-pressed grape­seed oil can be used as a make-up re­mover. It also helps pre­vent acne and min­imises un­der-eye cir­cles. Pome­gran­ate seed oil is great for hy­drat­ing your skin and to treat sun burns. From ex­tra vir­gin olive oil, vir­gin co­conut oil, jo­joba oil, rice bran oil, al­mond oil, sun­flower oil, sesame oil and wheat germ oil, there is a huge range of cold-pressed oils avail­able for top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion. Al­most all cold-pressed oils are car­rier oils be­ing derived from the fatty parts of a plant such as nuts and seeds. Each kind of cold-pressed oil is pure and rich in nu­tri­ents. So, dab a few drops and soak in their ben­e­fits!

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