What is no-poo?

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No-poo in­volves giv­ing up on the sham­poo com­pletely, sim­ply be­cause de­pen­dency on the cleans­ing agent is strip­ping your locks out of its nat­u­ral oils. Fur­ther, to com­pen­sate for the lack of oils, our scalp’s se­ba­ceous glands se­crete more than nec­es­sary. There is no eas­ing into the no-poo sys­tem; you have to go all in and not wash your hair for more than a week—longer the bet­ter, it can of­ten go upto six weeks. You’re re­train­ing you’re hair fol­li­cles to re­duce its se­bum ex­cre­tion. Fi­nally, when you do wash, it in­volves chem­i­cal-free wash­ing meth­ods, even it means rins­ing your hair with just wa­ter. Bak­ing soda and ap­ple cider vine­gar are pop­u­lar choices. Close sec­ond is aloe vera, tea, lemon juice and egg whites and if you take a look at In­dian herbal reme­dies, the lethal com­bi­na­tion of amla-reetha-shikakai has been known to knock out all types of hair grime. These washes are in­fre­quent and de­pend on your phys­i­ol­ogy.

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