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It’s on the cards

Your tarot card is the ‘Nine of Cups’. This month will bring you sta­bil­ity and suc­cess. Lay­ered hair­cuts should be your go-to this month, es­pe­cially if you have long tresses. A global colour, mostly deep browns, with high­lights will en­hance your look as you al­low the hair to con­tour your face. Pony­tails, braids and up­dos will also add a bit of drama to your ev­ery­day look. Use kohl to draw at­ten­tion to the eyes, which should win you many com­pli­ments. Sum­mer will bring out the best in you as rock cold-shoul­der tops and boat necks to beat the heat; yel­low and white will be your colours for the sea­son. Love life will be se­cure and steady.

Tip of the month: Al­ways mois­turise be­fore you step out­side. Even in the sum­mers.

Your tarot card is the ‘Ten of Wands’. This en­tails a pe­riod of change for you this month. You will find your­self fo­cused on your health, diet and wardrobe. ‘Look­ing good is feel­ing good’ will be your mantra this sum­mer as you hit the gym to lose a few pounds and inches. A weekly mas­sage with a steam should be on your agenda, along with warm-oil mas­sages for your hair. The eye brow brush will be your go-to ac­ces­sory this sea­son, so do keep it handy. Your love life will re­main calm and cen­tered.

Tip of the month: Don’t for­get to cleanse, tone and mois­turise to get that per­fect skin.

Your tarot card is the ‘Heiro­phant’. Ex­pect this to be a time of ac­tions and de­ci­sions. Your work and per­sonal life will find a new sense of bal­ance and pur­pose. Try to re­vamp your busy sched­ule to make time for a detox hol­i­day with spa, healthy food and ex­er­cise. Add a dash of colour to your hair this sum­mer and re­mem­ber that a good blow dry should be a must on your hair­care list. Red and black will be ideal colours for the ac­tion-packed month ahead. Love and per­sonal life will be a breeze, and you must make ev­ery ef­fort to keep it that way.

Tip of the month: En­sure you get a trim in the sum­mer to keep split ends away.

Your tarot card is the ‘Lovers’. This means a pe­riod of much hap­pi­ness and joy! At work, ev­ery­thing will go your way and you will feel on top of the world. Your hair will need some se­ri­ous at­ten­tion, and shades of red should help perk it up. Ex­per­i­ment— be it buns, braids, or sim­ply a high pony­tail—for a dash of some­thing dif­fer­ent. Pinks and laven­ders are the must-have colours for your wardrobe of skirts and shirt-dresses. Love life is full of prom­ise and pas­sion.

Tip of the month: A grat­i­tude diary keeps your day and thoughts cen­tered.

Your tarot card is the ‘Tower’. A time of in­de­ci­sion and un­cer­tainty will be upon you. Work life may re­quire de­ci­sions that you may be hes­i­tant to make, so give your­self some time out and you will find your­self back in the groove soon enough. Vegetable juices, in­fused wa­ter and sal­ads will help you to keep things light. Keep your hair grease-free by chang­ing your sham­poo and con­di­tioner. A henna treat­ment will keep your scalp cool and add high­lights to your locks. Mint green and dark blue will be your colours of the sea­son. Your love life will pro­vide the calm amid choppy wa­ters.

Tip of the month: Use a light oil serum to add some fab­u­lous shine to your hair.

Your tarot card is the ‘Queen of Swords’. This month will be a time of pro­longed hap­pi­ness. You will feel good both on the in­side and the out­side as you go about meet­ing new peo­ple and try­ing new things. Stay­ing classy is in your genes and this month you should opt for a big, glam­ourous blow dry for evenings and soft curls for the day, with a pink lip stain that will make you stand out. Indulge in pro­tein treat­ments and hot oil mas­sages for lus­trous and shiny hair. Add a dash of deep browns for In­sta-wor­thy pic­tures. Love life will have its try­ing mo­ments, but noth­ing that you won’t be able to re­solve with some pa­tience.

Tip of the month: A good night’s sleep re­duces the risk of your skin de­vel­op­ing worry lines.

Your tarot card is the ‘Page of Wands’, in­di­cat­ing a time for big­ger and bet­ter things com­ing your way. At work, you have new and ex­cit­ing projects com­ing your way. Short hair­dos that are easy to carry through the day and keep you chic are your pick for the month. You think of ex­per­i­ment­ing with hair pins, hair bands and other hair ac­ces­sories to spruce up your look. Whites and blues are your colour choices for out­fits, ac­ces­sorised with pearls and neu­trals. Those sin­gle may meet some­one in­ter­est­ing while those in love plan to take things a step fur­ther.

Tip of the month: A red lip will light up your face!

Your tarot card is the ‘Star’, de­pict­ing a time of wish­ful think­ing. All that you de­sire comes true through this phase, mak­ing life sim­ple. You play with colour this month, us­ing the colour block­ing tech­nique ef­fec­tively to make a state­ment. Your hair may need a gen­tle perm or some shine serum to let it shine in all its glory. You choose to carry small sling bags and bracelets to add spunk to your wardrobe. Pur­ple is your go-to colour for evenings out with loved ones. Love life is bliss­ful as your part­ner is af­fec­tion­ate and at­ten­tive.

Tip of the month: Use a mas­cara to change your day look to a night one with ease.

Your tarot card is the ‘Two of Cups’, de­pict­ing happy times ahead. You are de­ter­mined to get ev­ery­thing you want this month. You choose to play with prints—geo­met­ric and flo­ral, and rely on sun­screen, sun glasses and a bright lip. You play around with var­i­ous styles—low pony­tails, side braids and even coloured ex­ten­sions—depend­ing on your mood. Love life is full of glee that chil­dren and ex­tended fam­ily bring in to it.

Tip of the month: Try cu­cum­ber eye pads as a sooth­ing treat in the heat.

Your tarot card is the ‘King of Cups’ in­di­cat­ing a phase of to­tal con­trol. Draw­ing in money is your fo­cus this month. Happy thoughts make you glow, and you feel beau­ti­ful from the in­side out as you prac­tice a new form of med­i­ta­tion and diet. Add some colour to your wardrobe—try orange and pinks to match the sum­mer mood. Pam­per you skin and hair this month as you try out new hair­cuts and new prod­ucts. Love life is easy as your re­la­tion­ship takes high pri­or­ity.

Tip of the month: Use or­ganic soap to keep your skin glow­ing.

Your tarot card is the ‘Five of Cups’, in­di­cat­ing busy and bright work­ing days. You in­vest in min­i­mal yet el­e­gant looks, flaunt­ing a flushed, sun-kissed look. Some of you be­gin a new diet com­plete with healthy veg­eta­bles, omega-rich fish and pulses. A day at the spa get­ting a back mas­sage and clean-up is a wor­thy splurge. You may be in need of a trim to get rid of spilt ends and to re­store your hair’s health. Your wardrobe sees whites and greens added to it. Love life is sim­ple and in­ti­mate.

Tip of the month: Con­sume cin­na­mon to lower insulin and en­joy an­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties.

Your tarot card is the ‘Four of Swords’, de­pict­ing a changed out­look. Though emo­tions run high this month, you will find your­self amongst friends and influential peo­ple who help you meet your goal. You re­vamp your wardrobe and add more tex­tures and sil­hou­ettes to it, toss­ing out ev­ery­thing that you don’t wear any­more. Home­made soaps and fra­grances will keep you smelling fab­u­lous all the time. Make time for fam­ily and friends by plan­ning out­ings and fun pic­nics.

Tip of the month: Change your meal pat­tern and try 5-6 small meals in a day.

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