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The lymph ves­sels are part of the body’s lym­phatic sys­tem that com­prises a net­work of fine lym­phatic ves­sels through­out the body (both deep and su­per­fi­cial), lymph nodes, and lymph or­gans that move and fil­ter lymph. Many lymph ves­sels are lo­cated just be­low the skin of the face and neck (front and back).

“Lymph gen­er­ally moves in the body due to the peri­staltic-like move­ments, that is al­ter­nate com­pres­sion and re­lax­ation, of the smooth mus­cles lin­ing lymph cap­il­lar­ies, fur­ther fa­cil­i­tated by com­pres­sion of skele­tal mus­cles sur­round­ing the lym­phatic net­work. Hence, man­ual lym­phatic drainage mas­sage strokes are gen­er­ally mild pres­sure strokes ren­dered in a man­ner that mir­rors the ac­tion of the lymph ves­sels them­selves,” says Dr. Priya Peetham­bar, Spa Man­ager at Tri­dent, Na­ri­man Point, Mum­bai.

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