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Fin­gers of both hands are used while work­ing move­ments. While dif­fer­ent ex­perts dif­fer slightly in the strokes or se­quence, the lym­phatic drainage mas­sage may be started by gen­tly stroking the col­lar bone down to­wards the notch in the cen­tre; the hands may be crossed to re­duce pres­sure. Sim­i­larly, gen­tle strokes may be made down­wards along the jaw bone, es­pe­cially off cen­tre as two large lymph ves­sels are lo­cated here. The next stroke is from be­hind the ears down the neck. This is fol­lowed by mak­ing a V with the in­dex and mid­dle fin­gers and plac­ing the fin­gers on ei­ther side of the ears and gen­tly bring­ing them down.

With one or two fin­gers, one could then stroke from ei­ther side of the nose out­wards over the cheeks to­wards the ears, and out­wards from the spot be­tween the eye­brows to above them till the tem­ples. The del­i­cate eye area may be tapped very lightly only with the ring fin­ger. Light strokes may be made along the length of the back of the neck, and from the base of the neck gen­tly com­ing in front. The mas­sage may be wrapped by once again lightly stroking the neck and the col­lar bone to ease lymph that has been stim­u­lated by the strokes.

While the light pres­sure and rhyth­mic strokes are rest­ful and re­lax­ing, the move­ment of lymph leaves the face feel­ing calm and in­vig­o­rated. Sip a cup of green tea or warm wa­ter with lime af­ter the mas­sage to linger in the bliss of the mas­sage and gen­tly wrap up the ex­pe­ri­ence!

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