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“As we age, the hor­mones in our bod­ies will start de­creas­ing,” ex­plains Dr. Ma­goo. “Nat­u­ral steroids, with which our bod­ies are equipped, will also start drop­ping. So we have to up these things ex­ter­nally.” Ex­perts agree that along with a metic­u­lous skin­care rou­tine, a healthy life­style, bal­anced diet and drink­ing lots of wa­ter are the only route to a ra­di­ant vis­age. “As we grow older, er­ratic life­styles, chronic health prob­lems, sleep dis­tur­bances fre­quent travel and weight fluc­tu­a­tions af­fect the skin much more,” ex­pressed Dr. Agar­wal.

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