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Hair ex­ten­sions ex­pert Ta­tiana Kare­lina dis­cusses the most com­mon mis­con­cep­tions when it comes to hair ex­ten­sions…

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Ex­ten­sionsE can look fake

Colour and tex­ture match­ing are two fun­da­men­tal el­e­ments in achiev­ing nat­u­ral look­ing hair ex­ten­sions, as well as the qual­ity of the ac­tual ex­ten­sions. It’s im­por­tant to go for un­pro­cessed hu­man hair and in­tro­duce the same shades and colours with ex­ten­sions, and also to ap­ply wavy hair if the nat­u­ral hair is wavy.

Ex­ten­sions can be dam­ag­ing

Ap­pli­ca­tion method is key, as well as how long you de­cide to wear your ex­ten­sions for. There are var­i­ous hair ex­ten­sion sys­tems nowa­days so do choose wisely. Glued in ex­ten­sions must be avoided at all times. In­stead, go for non-dam­ag­ing mi­cro rings or tem­po­rary clip-ins. Al­ways go to a rep­utable sa­lon and never over-wear your ex­ten­sions—sav­ing on pro­fes­sional ap­pli­ca­tion or main­te­nance is a false econ­omy.

Ex­ten­sions can be heat styled or coloured

If you opt for high qual­ity un­pro­cessed hu­man hair, you will be able to treat it in ex­actly the same way as your nat­u­ral hair (in terms of colour). On top of this, good qual­ity hair can be reused a few times so you ac­tu­ally save money in the long run.

I can’t have ex­ten­sions be­cause my hair is not one colour

A hair ex­ten­sions spe­cial­ist with a good stock of hair can eas­ily match and mix a few dif­fer­ent shades of hair to achieve the ideal blend. Be­fore go­ing for hair ex­ten­sions make sure that the spe­cial­ist is able to get the hair mixed and pre-bonded spe­cially for your hair. Only then will the colour be multi-tonal and prop­erly matched to your hair colour.

Peo­ple can see the ex­ten­sion at­tach­ments

This is def­i­nitely not the case when ex­ten­sions are ap­plied cor­rectly. A pro­fes­sional tech­ni­cian will al­ways en­sure that the ex­ten­sions are not ap­plied too close to the hair­line or top of the head/crown, so even an updo will be pos­si­ble with­out any at­tach­ments show­ing.

The ex­ten­sions look like a cur­tain, they don’t blend with my short hair

If this is what you have ended up with, seek a good hair­dresser who can put lay­ers into your hair ex­ten­sions. No mat­ter how much money you spend on your hair ex­ten­sions, they won’t look right with­out a proper cut!

I can’t have ex­ten­sions for sum­mer be­cause I like to swim

Prop­erly ap­plied, good qual­ity hair will not re­strict any of your life­style habits. Sea, pool, work­outs are all al­lowed with hair ex­ten­sions in. Just give your hair a good wash and ap­ply a nice con­di­tion­ing treat­ment af­ter a dip in the salty sea or af­ter a work­out!

I’ve heard ex­ten­sions can be heavy for fine hair

Al­ways go for hair ex­ten­sions of sim­i­lar tex­ture and thick­ness as your nat­u­ral hair. If you have fine hair, go for fine Rus­sian hair as op­posed to thick Asian hair, oth­er­wise it can look fake and might feel heavy and un­com­fort­able.

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