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The skin on our feet is nat­u­rally dry. Lack of mois­ture cou­pled with ne­glect of­ten af­fect our feet caus­ing them to look flaky and chalky.

Home Rem­edy:

Com­bine equal parts of olive oil and sugar. Ex­fo­li­ate your feet with a sugar scrub. Al­ter­na­tively, soak your feet in warm wa­ter in­fused with es­sen­tial oil and scrub your feet.

Must-Use Prod­uct:

Sally Hansen’s Mois­tur­is­ing Foot Creme is a vi­ta­min en­riched non-greasy cream with a re­fresh­ing laven­der scent. It ab­sorbs quickly and keeps your feet mois­turised and soft. The Body Shop’s Hemp Foot Pro­tec­tor hy­drates and soft­ens ex­tremely dry feet. Ideally, ap­ply be­fore go­ing to bed and post shower.

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