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If your skin pro­duces a lot of se­bum, pores get clogged. Clogged pores at the open­ing of hair fol­li­cles cause black­heads.

Home Rem­edy:

Mix two ta­ble­spoons of bak­ing soda with a lit­tle wa­ter; ap­ply this thick paste on af­fected ar­eas. Rinse it off af­ter ten min­utes. Re­peat once or twice a week.

Must-Use Prod­uct:

In­n­is­free Jeju Vol­canic 3-in-1 Nose Pack is great for black­head re­moval. Korean prod­ucts are a rage lately and rightly so be­cause they work won­ders. This nose pack is mul­ti­pur­pose as it serves as a scrub, pack and cleanser. You can even use it on other ar­eas with black­heads and works on white­heads as well. Us­ing Clean & Clear Black­head Clear­ing Daily Scrub is also a con­ve­nient way of keep­ing black­heads at bay.

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