Pre­con­di­tion your hair the right way

Hair - - Editor's Letter - By Aruna Mukerjee

Pre­con­di­tion­ing as the name sug­gests, needs to be done be­fore you lather up your mane with your favourite sham­poo. For decades, the same hair care rou­tine re­peat­edly has re­sulted in weighed down hair that loses its bounce and shine af­ter a glo­ri­ous cou­ple of days, post which you are left with greasy roots and a tan­gled mess. The idea of ap­ply­ing a con­di­tioner be­fore you sham­poo may seem odd be­cause we as­sume that the sham­poo will wash away all the good ef­fects of the con­di­tioner. This as­sump­tion, how­ever, stands cor­rected as mul­ti­ple ex­perts have con­firmed that ap­ply­ing sham­poo post-con­di­tioner doesn’t de­hy­drate your hair. In fact, ap­ply­ing sham­poo to your hair di­rectly de­prives your hair of mois­ture.

Our scalp nat­u­rally cre­ates se­bum to pro­tect it­self and the hair cu­ti­cle. When we ap­ply sham­poo di­rectly to our hair, it washes away all of the se­bum and mois­ture, leav­ing the hair de­hy­drated. Hence, ap­ply­ing a con­di­tioner is es­sen­tial if you wish to flaunt those glossy locks. The down­side is that we of­ten ap­ply too much of con­di­tioner to the hair and scalp (a big ‘no-no’) which then weighs down our hair. By the sec­ond day af­ter sham­poo­ing, you’re itch­ing to put your head un­der the shower. A vi­cious cy­cle, in­deed! Pre­con­di­tion­ing gives your hair am­ple time to ab­sorb all the mois­ture it needs and the sham­poo works its magic by wash­ing all the ex­tra se­bum off. The nat­u­ral pH level of your hair is pro­tected, your hair feels lighter and you get a few more days to sport glo­ri­ously bouncy locks. While us­ing this tech­nique, it’s safer to use a mois­ture rich con­di­tioner along with a mild sham­poo to get the best re­sults. Pre­con­di­tion­ing your hair is easy on your pocket , you can also use nat­u­ral and or­ganic oils in­stead of con­di­tion­ers. How­ever, if you plan on us­ing nat­u­ral prod­ucts, you may want to keep them on a bit longer for it to ab­sorb well and show ef­fec­tive re­sults. Those with re­ally dry hair can use co­conut oil overnight but be care­ful that you don’t ap­ply it to your scalp di­rectly. It’s al­ways ad­vis­able to ap­ply any sort of con­di­tioner (nat­u­ral or chem­i­cal) to your hair alone and not the scalp. For those who want to go a bit easy on the mois­ture can use olive oil. The best part about us­ing oils is that you can leave them on your hair strands overnight. Just make sure that you cover your hair with a shower cap to avoid stain­ing your pil­low and you will no­tice an im­me­di­ate dif­fer­ence once you wash your hair in the morn­ing. While pre­con­di­tion­ing does seem mag­i­cal, it would be pru­dent to not just give into the buzz overnight. As­sess your hair type and com­pare your ex­ist­ing con­tion­ing process with it. How­ever, once you choose to start pre­cond­tion­ing, be as­sured that it’s def­i­nitely worth try­ing!

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