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Here’s a magic wand in the real sense of the term.m. DAFNI’s su­per-in­no­va­tiveve hair straight­en­ing brushh op­er­ates at 185 de­grees s con­sis­tently, a hair safe tem­per­a­ture that work­sks per­fectly for straight­en­ing. ning. The bris­tles of the brush ush are thick, ceramic-coate­dated alu­minum heat sources,ces, and thus work on the e in­side of your hair as you brush, to straighten it with­out out flat­ten­ing your hair or re­duc­ing its vol­ume.e. This unique brush has a unique alu­minum struc­ture, re, in­spired by a heat-sink CPUU cooler,oler which ex­ists in ev­ery desk­top con­troller. As stated by the com­pany, “The unique alu­minum struc­ture is the heart of the in­no­va­tion. This struc­ture pro­vides a huge hair contact area that is ap­prox. 10 times the contact area of a pro­fes­sional straight­ener or any hot brush, with holes for hot air or cold in­su­lat­ing bris­tles. It en­ables the user to get quick re­sults by in­tu­itively brush­ing the hair. This high-tech molded struc­ture con­sists of eye­let shape knobs that en­able hair to pen­e­trate the hot zone smoothly; the “walls” it encounters heat the hair. Imag­ine that each set of walls is, in fact, an in­di­vid­ual straight­ener. The springy plas­tic in­su­la­tors en­able the user to press the brush against their scalp.”

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