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Fix your hair mishaps with help from the in­dus­try’s best

Hair - - Editor's Letter -

De­spite tak­ing care of our tresses as if they’re our ba­bies, and be­ing ex­tremely care­ful, bad hair days are un­avoid­able. Bad hair­cuts, ter­ri­ble colour jobs or just be­ing stuck in a beauty rut, we’ve all been there—be­ing su­per ex­cited to get some­thing new done with your hair, only to stare in the mir­ror at your worst night­mare. Fret not be­cause we have th­ese fab­u­lous tips from our favourite stylists at Sch­warzkopf Pro­fes­sional that will help you fix your hair mishaps.

Q Bad hair­cuts can be a night­mare. What can you do with a fringe that’s been cut way too short?

Nitin Manchanda: A fringe is the most im­por­tant el­e­ment of any hair­style. It de­fines the face and in­stantly grabs at­ten­tion. Hence, it can be a dis­as­ter if done in­cor­rectly. For­tu­nately, prod­ucts and tools are avail­able that can rec­tify most mis­takes. If the fringe has gone too short, you can ei­ther hide it by cut­ting a longer fringe on top of the short fringe, or use a styling prod­uct like Osis+ Ses­sion Flex­i­ble and Strong hair­spray to style to­wards any one side and pin it up. An­other op­tion is to get a false fringe; they’re eas­ily avail­able th­ese days. You can fix one on top of the short fringe un­til you grow back your hair.

Q A-line bobs were quite the rage but grow­ing out the bob is the most awk­ward phase ever. Are there cuts to try in the in­terim that will not make the hair look limp?

Nitin Manchanda: If you are grow­ing out your bob and want to pre­vent your hair from look­ing limp, a sim­ple op­tion is to add a few lay­ers around the crown area. Not only will you will get a lot of vol­ume but it will also give a nice shape to the over­all hair­cut, with­out com­pro­mis­ing on the length. You can also style the hair to give it vol­ume. Use Osis+ Up­load on the hair be­fore blow-dry­ing, and fin­ish with Osis+ Ses­sion Flex­i­ble Hold hair­spray to give an in­stant vol­ume boost.

Q If the same old long and loose hair is wear­ing you down and it’s time to try some­thing new, what are some easy-to-do styles you’d rec­om­mend for long hair?

Najeeb UR Rehman: It’s pos­si­ble that if you don’t try to wear your hair dif­fer­ently, chances are that you can feel bored and some­times lack con­fi­dence. There are a few styles which one can wear on a day-to-day ba­sis, like: The ponytail: This is one of the most ver­sa­tile hair­styles that never goes out of style and works well with both casual and for­mal oc­ca­sions. You can try low, medium or high pony­tails for dif­fer­ent oc­ca­sions, and you can also eas­ily take the look from day to night. Twist­ing and braid­ing: Th­ese tech­niques are quick and very im­pact­ful. Braid a sec­tion of the hair while leav­ing the back loose for an in­stant new look. Al­ter­nately, braid­ing the full head or around the crown will re­fresh your look com­pletely. Front styles: Work with the front of the hair to break the monotony of the look. Chang­ing your part­ing is also an­other way of re­fresh­ing your look. Plus, it adds in­stant vol­ume to the hair. If you want to cre­ate the il­lu­sion of length, try a front puff, iso­lat­ing the hair from the end of eye­brows and pin it back—one can also add height in this man­ner. Pin­ning up the bangs to one side will also work won­ders.

Q Most of us ei­ther colour our hair on a reg­u­lar ba­sis or have tried a new shade at least once. But when the colour starts fad­ing, our pre-light­ened hair can look like a hot mess. What can be done to work around this in-between stage?

On pre-light­ened hair, colour pig­ments fade faster than on nor­mal hair. Once the colour is done, one should use a sham­poo and con­di­tioner that con­tains colour sta­bilis­ers and UV fil­ters to pro­tect colour pig­ments on the hair. NonSLS sham­poos with a pH of 4.5 are a big help for colour re­ten­tion. Sch­warzkopf Pro­fes­sional’s Colour Freeze is one of the best ranges to re­tain colour. A semi-per­ma­nent colour like Igora Color­worx, which can be used with­out the de­vel­oper, is a good rem­edy to re­fresh your colour in between two ap­pli­ca­tions.

Q There’s al­ways a con­cern with short hair not ap­pear­ing fem­i­nine. How can women style edgy short styles to make them ap­pear more fem­i­nine.

Bony Sasid­ha­ran: Hair­cuts are very per­sonal and the style can vary from client to client, and also as per their re­quire­ments. Short, edgy hair­cuts are much stronger and can of­ten ap­pear an­drog­y­nous. In­tro­duce soft waves and sleek tex­tures to in­duce fem­i­n­ity. If you have a strong and an­gu­lar face shape, then cut­ting it with edges will make it look more mas­cu­line. You should ask for short, wispy or point-cut ends rather than go­ing for strong, clean lines. How­ever, if you are par­tic­u­lar about cer­tain edgy looks, you can al­ways play with hair colours like reds, cop­pers, red-vi­o­lets or only vi­o­lets; th­ese colours in­fuse that el­e­ment of fem­i­n­ity into your look.

Hair­cuts are very per­sonal and the style can vary from client to client, and also as per their re­quire­ments.

Najeeb Ur Rehman Pro­fes­sional Part­ner­ship Ser­vice Di­rec­tor

Nitin Manchanda Tech­ni­cal Head In­dia

Bony Sasid­ha­ran Re­gional Man­ager

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