Ex­press Blow-Dry­ing:

Vent Brush

Hair - - Need To Know -

Apart­the the rightjob from also hair styling,helps brush to us­ing­for pre­vent dam­age to the hair foll­ciles. If you feel that the brush is tug­ging at your hair too hard, swap it for a brush that doesn’t.

Need to wash your hair, but have over­slept yet again? Don’t worry. The vent brush will ex­press dry your hair thanks to its design. Its wide-toothed bris­tles and vents in the brush un­tan­gle your hair, make them frizz-free and blow-dries them quickly in record time.

Pro Tip: This is an ideal brush for all hair types, but for curly hair it is a boon as it main­tains the shape of the curls and smoothens the tex­ture.

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