Hair - - Trend Transformation - by Neil Smith at Bar­rie Stephens Hair

Blunt cut:

Cut straight across where the weight falls at the bot­tom of a hair­cut, to build up weight, for a graph­i­cal out­line of a hair­cut or on fine hair to keep the in­tegrity to the out­line of the cut.

Weight line:

Part of the hair­cut that car­ries the most weight, nor­mally the bot­tom of the hair­cut or a buildup of weight in a grad­u­ated style.

Point cut:

Scissors are pointed ver­ti­cally down the hair to re­move weight from the ends, cre­at­ing soft­ness and vol­ume to the hair.


Hair grad­u­ates from long to short or short to long; this can be a grad­u­a­tion of a bob or for­ward grad to lay­er­ing around the face.


Lay­ers are sep­a­rate to the base length and are nor­mally taken from the short­est point to long, giv­ing an in­vis­i­ble seam­less ef­fect to the hair, cre­at­ing tex­ture and move­ment in­ter­nally or ex­ter­nally to the hair.


Slice cut­ting is a free­hand tech­nique where the scissors are worked through the hair in a glid­ing mo­tion to re­move weight and cre­ate soft­ness to a out­line.


A ra­zor is used to re­move weight and gives a shat­tered soft­ness to the hair.

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