Hair - - Trend Transformation - By Gary Hooker & Michael Young

Rose blush:

Very much the colour trend of the minute and ex­tremely pop­u­lar within sa­lons. The fu­sion of pale pinks and warm blon­des cre­ates an al­most iri­des­cent sparkle to the hair that looks lux­u­ri­ous and ex­pen­sive.

Colour thread­ing:

A tech­nique de­signed for face-fram­ing place­ment. Very fine veils of hair are light­ened in a del­i­cate way which are barely there but just enough to give that sub­tle glow around the face, repli­cat­ing a look as though you’ve just stepped out of the sun.


Be­spoke colour place­ment ap­plied free­hand to give a truly nat­u­ral look to the colour re­sult. Quite often used in vary­ing shades of blonde but can used with neu­tral mocha tones on darker hair shades.


Sim­i­lar to balayage as it’s a free­hand ap­pli­ca­tion, but the colours are placed in pock­ets and al­lowed to fuse into each other around the edges to cre­ate a mar­ble-like ef­fect. Colour pal­ettes are sub­tly dif­fer­ent and look great on darker base colours.

Colour melt:

This tech­nique is the new wave of om­bré where colours are ap­plied down the hair and al­lowed to melt into one an­other for a seam­less ef­fect, often from dark to light, al­though this can be re­versed es­pe­cially when work­ing with pas­tel shades. It’s per­fect on lighter bases and blon­des.

Cool fu­sion:

Sil­ver whites and dove greys are still a com­monly-re­quested colour look and this tech­nique brings a twist cre­at­ing a darker perime­ter with lighter sparkling top sec­tions, mak­ing the hair look thicker and multi-di­men­sional.

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