With the rain in your hair (lit­er­ally!)

The mon­soons are fun…but a night­mare when your hair gets into that slightly-wet-and-sticky sit­u­a­tion. Here’s what you need to do at such a time.

Hair - - Monsoon Fixes - By Be­naifer J. Mirza

Jenny is head­ing for a meet­ing in her swanky car…and its pour­ing. If you thought that the traf­fic and pot­holes on the road are go­ing to be Jenny’s great­est night­mare, then wait un­til we tell you that she hasn’t re­mem­bered to carry an um­brella. Yes, we know she’s safe and cosy in her car, but the bad news is that there’s a short stretch of about 30 sec­onds to a minute that Jenny has to walk, and, like we told you, she’s not car­ry­ing her um­brella to­day. She’s sure to get her rather long tresses slightly wet (even if she races from her car to the meet­ing venue’s en­trance). So, what’s a quick fix that Jenny can re­sort to when her hair is a lit­tle wet, and she is still ex­pected to look her rav­ish­ing best?

If Jenny can mirac­u­lously get to a hairdryer, then a quick blowout to re­fresh her hair would be per­fect, as sug­gested by Rod Anker, Di­rec­tor, Rod Anker Chain of Sa­lons. Anker also rec­om­mends leav­ing it loose and nat­u­ral, or styling it in an easy braid. Speak­ing about hair­styles that should be avoided dur­ing the mon­soons, Jain notes, “Avoid ab­so­lutely straight blow-dried hair. I love curls and braids for this mon­soon! If your hair is curly or prone to frizz, keep your style ex­tra tight, to hold those spi­rals in place for as long as pos­si­ble. Tongs, with some an­ti­hu­mid­ity hair­spray, would be ideal. Braids should be ac­cord­ing to your hair type.” So, Jenny now seems to be sorted, thanks to all the tips and quick fixes. Hope you, too, are this sea­son!

The clever bun is here to save the event, one soaked strand at a time! It is re­ally easy to style too. Some nice ac­ces­sories will fancy it up.

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