The Mane Man

For­get the low pony­tail and the man bun. Men with long hair have a lot more styling op­tions to choose from than they re­alise.

Hair - - Monsoon Fixes - By Ran­jan Muk­er­jee


Just be­cause you have long hair does not mean you have to tie it up all the time. Let­ting your hair flow loose is per­fectly ac­cept­able, and it elim­i­nates the stress that ty­ing up your hair can put on the fol­li­cles. Con­sider us­ing medium and strong-hold styling prod­ucts to en­sure that your loose mane has a de­fined shape.


The tra­di­tional man bun is not only a thing of the past but it will leave you open to wise­cracks and friendly ridicule. Trust us. The key to sport­ing a man bun in this day and age is to give it a twist, and braid­ing is the per­fect an­swer. Have your hair braided as you would nor­mally do and then tie the braided strands into a bun. The look is stun­ning and will leave even your wise­crack­ing friends en­vi­ous.


If your hair curls nat­u­rally as you grow it out, con­sider get­ting a merm, i.e. a man perm. The ob­jec­tive of the merm is not to give you lit­tle ringlets of hair that will be a bother to man­age, but a tex­tured fin­ish that works with your nat­u­ral curls to cre­ate a dash­ing look. Think Kit Har­ing­ton, a.k.a Jon Snow from Games of Thrones. He may know noth­ing, but he does know he looks good with a merm.


There was a time when slicked back hair was syn­ony­mous with greasi­ness, both in terms of looks and per­son­al­ity. Thanks to newage hair prod­ucts and mod­ern sen­si­bil­i­ties, that is not the case any­more. In fact, hav­ing long, slicked back hair at the top, while sport­ing a fade on the sides and the back, has be­come an ex­tremely pop­u­lar way to keep­ing long hair man­age­able.


We feel dread­locks are re­ally un­der­rated. They are iden­ti­fied with the Rasta­far­ian way of life, but there is so much more to them. For starters, you need to be ded­i­cated and show self­dis­ci­pline to grow and main­tain them. Plus, it is so rare to see guys sport­ing dread­locks that it’ll def­i­nitely make you stand out from the crowd.


The new­est hair trend on the block for guys is braids, and hon­estly, we can’t get enough of it. On pa­per you’d think it doesn’t make much sense, but turns out braids go a long way to­wards high­light­ing the mas­cu­line fea­tures of a guy’s face. Plus, it is a hair­style that only the most con­fi­dent of men can pull off, so it speaks vol­umes about their per­son­al­ity as well.


As guys looked for vari­a­tions to the tra­di­tional man bun, the ‘samu­rai bun’ be­came highly pop­u­lar. How­ever, it is a mis­nomer. A ‘samu­rai loop’ is per­haps the more ac­cu­rate de­scrip­tion and it is in­spired by the chon­mage top­knot worn by Ja­panese men dur­ing the coun­try’s Edo pe­riod. In or­der to wear this style, you hair has to be long enough to be looped; a short, pulled-tight pony­tail to­wards the crown is not very samu­rai.

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