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As Won­der Woman makes waves around the world, we take a look at the hair that makes the hero.

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When you think of Won­der

Woman, im­ages of Lynda Carter’s per­fectly coiffed, jet black curls might spring to mind, along with her teeny weeny corseted cos­tume and satin shorts that looked as if they might have ripped at the : slight­est karate kick. This im­age might have flown in an age where sex sold,

but in to­day’s world we’re far savvier to the way our iconic fe­male char­ac­ters are por­trayed on screen.

Won­der Woman may be the ul­ti­mate fe­male, but even she would find it dif­fi­cult to main­tain a salon-wor­thy ‘do on the bat­tle­fields of The­myscira (Par­adise Is­land, for our old-school read­ers). For that rea­son, we were ex­cited to find that her look has been re­vamped for the 2017 film. This year will see Gal Gadot por­tray­ing a tough­ened-up ver­sion of the su­per­hero—with no pol­ished bouf­fant in sight. In­stead, her hair can be seen fall­ing in loose, nat­u­ral-look­ing curls around her tiara, or in a braid to keep her strands out of her face. The new pared down look still fits in with the im­age of Won­der Woman’s out-of-this-world beauty, but it’s more re­al­is­tic, more achiev­able and more prac­ti­cal.

Staff Writer Jen­nifer talked to Chris­tine Blun­dell, Make-up and Hair De­signer for the new Won­der Woman block­buster, about her in­spi­ra­tions for lead ac­tress Gal Gadot’s hair­styles, and how the char­ac­ter has evolved from an out­dated im­age of fem­i­nin­ity.

Jen­nifer: What was it like to work with Gal on such an iconic movie?

Chris­tine: Gal Gadot re­ally is Won­der Woman. We filmed in sun, rain, wind, snow and freez­ing con­di­tions. There were long days and night shoots—you name it, we put Gal (and Gal’s hair) through it. She is a true leader and, as for her hair, I hope my­self and my amaz­ing team did the film jus­tice.

Jen­nifer: Gal Gadot’s hair looks much more prac­ti­cal than Lynda Carter’s hair in the ’70s TV se­ries Won­der Woman— was there a rea­son for this?

Chris­tine: Yes, def­i­nitely. The idea was to bring it into a more mod­ern day ca­sual look that would make Won­der Woman stick out from the crowd once she ar­rived in war-torn Europe. It was very im­por­tant to re­mem­ber in the de­sign of her hair that this is ul­ti­mately Won­der Woman’s ‘back­story’.

Jen­nifer: There’s a fight scene in which Gal has her hair braided. It looks stun­ning! Why did you choose to braid her hair for this scene?

Chris­tine: The film starts on The­myscira, the is­land of the Ama­zons. Patty Jenk­ins, our di­rec­tor, wanted all our Ama­zons to have a strong, un­fussy look. I sug­gested a Mo­hawk-style braid for all our Ama­zon war­riors, of which Won­der Woman was one.

Jen­nifer: Won­der Woman’s head­band is an im­por­tant part of her out­fit. How did you in­cor­po­rate the head­band into her hair­style so that it would re­main a fo­cal point?

Chris­tine: My­self and Lindy Hem­ming, our cos­tume de­signer, worked very closely on the head­band to en­sure it would stay where it was meant to stay through­out the many fight scenes. It was made to a cast of Gal’s head.

Jen­nifer: Were there any ma­jor chal­lenges when cre­at­ing the hair for Won­der Woman?

Chris­tine: One of the main chal­lenges was the jour­ney of Won­der Woman’s hair, from Ama­zon Mo­hawk to pe­riod Lon­don Won­der Woman- style! Then onto the full mane of hair. Won­der

Woman’s strength in who she is builds through­out the film, and her hair gets fuller un­til we reach the iconic ver­sion of our hero.

GAL GADOT as Won­der Woman in Warner Bros. Pic­tures’ ac­tion ad­ven­ture WON­DER WOMAN, a Warner Bros. Pic­tures re­lease.

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