From Baby Doll to Beat pe Booty, her voice is be­hind some of the groovi­est Bol­ly­wood songs of the past half-decade. But how did her mu­si­cal jour­ney bring her to this point? Kanika Kapoor talks to about start­ing off as a singer, break­ing into B-Town, and t

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You must em­brace your fears and fail­ures as th­ese will help you grow. When some­thing goes wrong de­spite your best ef­forts, don’t be dis­heart­ened by it; in­stead, learn from it.

Bros), in­form­ing me that Ekta Kapoor loved it and wants to call me for a trial for Baby Doll. Man­meet and I go way back; we grew up to­gether in Lucknow and he is like a brother to me. When I was record­ing the song, I never imag­ined it would be a block­buster. The song was re­leased much later than sched­uled and I’d al­most for­got­ten about it. Once re­leased, things hit off and I was even asked to come pro­mote the song. I still meet peo­ple who re­fer to me as the “Baby Doll singer” and it feels great.

How has life changed post this suc­cess?

Suc­cess tastes very sweet when it is an out­come of hu­mon­gous ef­fort. My jour­ney has def­i­nitely not been easy. Learn­ing some­thing new al­ways comes with its own share of hard­ships, but it’s im­por­tant to not give up. I had a slow and steady start as a singer—be­ing tough and stick­ing to your de­ci­sions al­ways pays off. Life has def­i­nitely changed post this suc­cess, and I’ve grown to be a more hum­ble and calm per­son. Peo­ple have started recog­nis­ing me for my work. I strongly be­lieve that when you want some­thing to hap­pen and you put in enough ef­fort, the right doors will surely open for you.

Did the fame and pop­u­lar­ity ever get to you? What ad­vice do you have for young artists who are start­ing to slowly gain a fan fol­low­ing?

The fame poured in af­ter Baby Doll hit the in­ter­net. Peo­ple started know­ing me be­cause of my mu­sic and voice. It was a great feel­ing, but I de­cided to not let it get to my head. In­stead, I worked harder and stayed fo­cused. To up­com­ing artists, I’d say that we all have our own strug­gles when we are try­ing to do some­thing new. You must em­brace your fears and fail­ures as th­ese will help you grow. When some­thing goes wrong de­spite your best ef­forts, don’t be dis­heart­ened by it; in­stead, learn from it. Do not give up, and do not let suc­cess get to your heads.

With a stress­ful and busy sched­ule as yours, how do you make time for health and fit­ness?

Yoga is my saviour! I can have fun yoga ses­sions at any time of the day. I also try to de­vote some time to strength train­ing and car­dio dur­ing the week. When I’m busy with shoots and can’t work out, I make up for it by not in­dulging in cheat meals. I be­lieve that eat­ing right is ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary to keep­ing your­self healthy. Ex­er­cis­ing and eat­ing healthy kill my lethar­gic and laid-back at­ti­tude, and they are my fit­ness mantras. Not only this, they also make my skin glow, and make me look and feel fresh. Ac­cord­ing to me, fit­ness is the first step to look­ing and feel­ing good.

Your skin and hair al­ways look flaw­less, how do you achieve this?

Thanks for the com­pli­ment! The first thing I do ev­ery morn­ing is have hot wa­ter with le­mon and honey as it helps detox­ify the skin. I then move on to use my Val­mont cleaner and toner. When­ever I get the time, I like to cleanse, tone and ex­fo­li­ate my skin. It may come as a sur­prise that I am not a huge fan of make-up, and I do not pre­fer wear­ing it all the time. I just cover my skin a lit­tle when I’m go­ing out in the sun to pro­tect it from dam­age and hide spots. As a singer, I some­times work for 15 hours a day, travel a lot and I’m ex­posed to hard wa­ter and harsh air. To com­bat this, I in­dulge in hair spas and make Ayurvedic hair packs for my hair too. To get nat­u­rally smooth hair, eat amla (In­dian goose­berry) as it helps strengthen your hair, cure dan­druff and also re­duce hair fall.

Through the course of your ca­reer, you must have worked with nu­mer­ous hair and make-up artists; any tips and tricks that you may have picked up from them?

As I men­tioned, I’m not a huge fan of wear­ing make-up. I like to keep my ev­ery­day look very ba­sic and light. Work­ing with so many peo­ple who are con­stantly do­ing my hair and make-up, I al­ways pick up var­i­ous hair trends from them. Vari­a­tions in hair­styles and ther­apy for hair has al­ways piqued my in­ter­est. I am blessed with smooth and flaw­less hair, but I al­ways strive to make it bet­ter with sim­ple and quick hairstyling tips and tricks.

How would you de­fine your style state­ment in a line?

My fash­ion sense has al­ways been alnog the lines of chic and com­fort­able.

Do you have any ad­vice for young girls try­ing to make it in the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try?

There’s noth­ing a girl can’t do, and I strongly be­lieve in this. In this in­dus­try, I’ve seen young girls want­ing to make a ca­reer and giv­ing in their best. To ev­ery young girl, I’d want to say, “Don’t let so­ci­ety’s harsh words knock you down. Be­lieve in the power of you and make it hap­pen. There’s an en­tire world out there wait­ing to see the tal­ent hid­den in you.”

What are your plans for the fu­ture? Any projects we should be look­ing for­ward to?

I’ve been work­ing on quite a few things lately and there’s al­ways some­thing new and dif­fer­ent com­ing up. I’d like the de­tails to be a lit­tle se­cret—when it’s out there, you’ll know!

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