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Caviar lips

An off-shoot of the oh-so-sweet candy lips trend, caviar lips are wickedly de­li­cious! Black lip­stick on its own can make quite an im­pres­sion, but adding a bit of tex­ture never hurts. Best of all, you can pair it with match­ing nails for a glam-meets-goth look.

White eye­liner

Peo­ple are mov­ing away from the ba­sic, bor­ing black eye­liner, and coloured eye­lin­ers are here to stay. If you re­ally want to stand out from the crowd though, white eye­liner is where the magic’s at! Use it to pro­vide con­trast against other colours or as a state­ment by it­self.

Colour­block­ing nails

Pick­ing a nail colour for the weekend can be quite a task. How can you pos­si­bly pick just one favourite shade from all your pre­cious ba­bies! Well, who said you have to pick one? Colour­block­ing works for your nails just as well as it works for your clothes. All you need is a lit­tle bit of prac­tise stay­ing within the lines.

Glossy eyes

Move over mattes and pas­tels, there’s a new eye­shadow favourite in town. The glossy eye trend has been all the rage at cou­ture weeks re­cently, and it won’t be too long be­fore it makes its way from the ramp to the side­walks. We highly rec­om­mend stock­ing up on liq­uid eye­shadow.

Yel­low blush

Blush trends are a bit hard to get your head around since ev­ery blush shade will not work equally well for all skin tones. Yel­low, how­ever, seems to be an ex­cep­tion. No mat­ter what your skin tone is, there is a shade of yel­low blush out there to trans­form you into a bronzed god­dess.

Mag­netic lashes

False lashes? Love ’em! Mess­ing around with the glue to ap­ply them? Not so much. Fret no more be­cause mag­netic lashes are the so­lu­tion you’ve been pray­ing for. Best of all, un­like tra­di­tional lash ex­ten­sions, the mag­netic ones do not rip out your nat­u­ral lashes when be­ing re­moved.

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