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With roots in In­dia and Arab, attars have an ir­re­sistible charm. Sumeet Kothari of Yash Mer­chants who man­u­fac­ture es­sen­tial oils says, “At­tar in Ara­bic means ‘fra­grance’, ‘scent’ or ‘essence’. Al­though some attars are sim­ply in­di­vid­ual oils suitable on their own for fra­grance, most are usu­ally com­posed of care­ful blends of var­i­ous oils, resin and con­crete placed in a nat­u­ral base or car­rier oil. Chan­dan, khus, amber, heena are pop­u­larly used in win­ter while mix­tures of jas­mine, kewda and rose are the flo­ral mix­tures preva­lent in summer.”

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