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The right hair­cut un­doubt­edly brings its owner in­ner con­fi­dence but is there such a thing as power hair? With many women in power hav­ing opted for a ‘Pob’ (Po­lit­i­cal Bob) or shorter, sharper cuts over the course of his­tory and Theresa May’s re­cent hair­cut mak­ing the head­lines, we ask—can a hair­cut re­ally make you ap­pear more suc­cess­ful and could this have helped Theresa in­crease her pub­lic ap­peal?

Cat­e­gor­i­cally yes—a good hair­cut is as good as a facelift. It can change the con­tour­ing of your face and im­prove wear­a­bil­ity, tex­ture, ver­sa­til­ity. As for busi­ness, with­out a doubt, no mat­ter what your po­si­tion, it gives you a boost in con­fi­dence and self-es­teem. I think Theresa’s cut has brought her into the now gen­er­a­tion, she’s got room to im­prove but from where she’s started you can see she’s had help and ad­vice from top to bot­tom on her styling and the hair­cut is key to en­hanc­ing cred­i­bil­ity. In her sce­nario, the power cut and be­ing that lit­tle bit shorter gives her a dy­namic fin­ish to her look, so makes her more au­thor­i­ta­tive.. Dar­ren Am­brose, D&J Am­brose

Theresa’s hair­style has def­i­nitely evolved in a pos­i­tive way over the years. I think her hair at the mo­ment, with this short ‘power bob’, looks great on her—fem­i­nine at the same time and well coloured. As her hair looks unfortunately not that easy to man­age this is the perfect look for her and gives her a con­fi­dent out­ward ap­pear­ance and if she feels good about her sense of self it will give her a cer­tain va­lid­ity within the pub­lic realm. The most im­por­tant thing is strik­ing the right bal­ance and achiev­ing a look that gives you an im­age that can re­main strong through a very busy work­ing di­ary. The bob, whether po­lit­i­cal or oth­er­wise, is al­ways a great op­tion for any woman with a busy life, it comes down to hav­ing a great cut and shape which will give the con­fi­dence to know their look will re­main strong through­out the day. I don’t be­lieve that ‘power hair’ is a real thing, it’s re­ally about hav­ing a great cut and fin­ish andto find a style that fits into your life that you can eas­ily main­tain for any oc­ca­sion. Not ev­ery­one can have their own glam squad on call so it’s just find­ing a look that works for you. Richard Ward, Lon­don

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