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Hair - - Beauty - Tip of the month: In­dulge in a hair spa and head mas­sage with aro­matic oils to soothe your­self.

Your tarot card is the ‘Ace of Cups’, in­di­cat­ing a pe­riod of smooth tran­si­tions. Pro­fes­sion­ally, you are in your el­e­ment as you put your best foot forward in all projects. You choose to flaunt the nat­u­ral tex­ture of your hair, cut­ting it blunt to ac­cen­tu­ate your jaw­line. You may choose to try shim­mer in your make-up and re­fresh your wardrobe with flo­ral styles. Clas­sic creams, blacks and whites are your pre­ferred colours and you may also be drawn to nat­u­ral essences and oils this month. Love life is an area of fo­cus, and you will be very ex­pres­sive with those you’re close to.

Tip of the month: Be mind­ful to con­sume at least 8 glasses of wa­ter a day.

Your tarot card is the ‘Two of Cups’, de­pict­ing a happy phase. You de­cide to work on your mind-body-spirit con­nec­tion in or­der to feel com­plete. At work, there may be chal­lenges and ob­sta­cles that de­mand pa­tience from you. You may choose to try a shorter, lay­ered hair­cut with a tinge of colour for a youth­ful and en­er­getic ap­pear­ance. Pair this with deep pink and ma­roon shades of make-up and out­fits. Long hours at work may re­sult in fa­tigue and de­hy­dra­tion so carry enough wa­ter and juices to stay healthy. The end of the month may bring along a new friend­ship and ro­mance as well.

Tip of the month: Al­ways carry enough wa­ter and a great pair of sunglasses with you in this hot sea­son.

Your tarot card is the ‘Two of Wands’, de­pict­ing a sense of ex­cite­ment as you await happy news on per­sonal and pro­fes­sional fronts. Keep fine lines at bay, es­pe­cially around the eyes, by splash­ing cool rose wa­ter on the area mul­ti­ple times through the day. Shades of or­ange, yel­low and pink will look great on you, mak­ing you look ra­di­ant. In­vest in re­vamp­ing your beauty kit, adding a lot of colour to it. Late nights and par­ties may cause stress and strain so set aside some time to in­dulge in peace­ful and calm­ing ac­tiv­i­ties as well.

Tip of the month: Beat the heat by drink­ing mint and cu­cum­ber juice re­li­giously.

Your tarot card is the ‘Two of Cups’, de­pict­ing a har­mo­nious month. At work, you’re brim­ming with new ideas. Your hair needs a lot of love; you choose to nour­ish it with a good con­di­tioner. Fo­cus on your well-be­ing by in­dulging in can­dle-lit baths, med­i­ta­tion and some de-clut­ter­ing. Amp up your style game by ditch­ing com­fort wear and try­ing glam out­fits this month. Love brings you hap­pi­ness and en­sures that your mind stays fo­cused on all things pos­i­tive.

Tip of the month: Pas­tel shades work well to keep you cool and en­thu­si­as­tic this sea­son.

Your tarot card is ‘The Star’, de­pict­ing a time for change. You’re big on ac­tion and you don’t shy away from what it en­tails. Your beauty regime needs an up­grade and you try new fa­cials, fruit and nat­u­ral prod­ucts, along with man­i­cure and pedi­cures. Your hair may need a trim and re­freshed colour—give your­self the op­tion to ex­per­i­ment and choose. You will be tempted to give in to ex­trav­a­gant in­dul­gences, es­pe­cially with fam­ily and friends.

Tip of the month: Pair your timely meals with a glass of co­conut wa­ter for un­par­al­leled re­fresh­ment.

Your tarot card is ‘The Lovers’, de­pict­ing sta­bil­ity. Ca­reer-wise, you are headed in the right di­rec­tion. You choose to ex­per­i­ment with your hair by try­ing new serums and styling prod­ucts. You also choose to look af­ter your health as you try to fol­low a rig­or­ous ex­er­cise rou­tine. Shades of pink, pur­ple and pink suit you well as you try linens and cot­ton out­fits in these shades. Those in love will crave at­ten­tion from their part­ners.

Tip of the month: Nat­u­ral face packs made of oat­meal, rose wa­ter and cu­cum­ber help you look great.

Your tarot card is the ‘Seven of Cups’, de­pict­ing height­ened cre­ativ­ity and suc­cess at work. Pro­fes­sion­ally, it’s a good time to re­con­nect with old col­leagues, po­ten­tial em­ploy­ers or cus­tomers to close new deals. You work hard to re­dis­cover your­self and your as­sets, and go in for a com­plete makeover. You try more pas­tel shades and mix those with nude make-up to make a state­ment. Play with new fra­grances and colours this sea­son, try­ing things that are away from the usual. Love will leave with a warm and fuzzy feel­ing as your part­ner plans in­dul­gent sur­prises.

Tip of the month: Denim will be a great ad­di­tion to your wardrobe.

Your tarot card is ‘Jus­tice’, in­di­cat­ing a time to make cau­tious moves. Dou­ble check ev­ery de­tail care­fully when you make pro­fes­sional de­ci­sions. Peo­ple will look upon you to be a good leader as you set per­fect ex­am­ples for them. When it comes to beauty, arm your­self with skin wipes to keep grime and dust at bay. Use a good hair serum to pro­tect your hair’s shine. Con­sume lots of fresh veg­eta­bles and fruits to look and feel healthy. Love life de­mands a few ad­just­ments, which you man­age well.

Tip of the month: Plenty of wa­ter and yo­ghurt will be the key to good health.

Your tarot card is the ‘Wheel of For­tune’, de­pict­ing the need to man­age time well. Your sched­ule is packed with meet­ings so you will have to work your way around it. Stay on top of the game by keep­ing an eye for de­tail. It may be time to re­work your beauty regime. You spend a lot of time out­doors so use the right sham­poo and con­di­tioner to save your tresses from the stress caused by this. Watch what you eat care­fully and keep fit by ex­er­cis­ing to main­tain a high stamina and pos­i­tive en­ergy that is much needed. Keep an eye on your fi­nances and spend wisely.

Tip of the month: Cleanse your face thor­oughly to re­move make-up be­fore you sleep each day.

Your tarot card is the ‘Ace of Cups’, de­pict­ing a new be­gin­ning in ev­ery area of life. You main­tain a cool and ca­sual look as your day tran­si­tions from hec­tic work to fre­quent din­ners and drinks with col­leagues. You may ex­per­i­ment with var­i­ous fra­grances and make-up, rang­ing from nude shades to rich ma­roon tones. Spend week­ends ty­ing loose ends in ar­eas that de­mand at­ten­tion. Those sin­gle will meet some­one who will be at­tracted to their per­sona.

Tip of the month: An un­der-eye gel along with an ef­fec­tive cleanser is a wor­thy in­vest­ment.

Your tarot card is the ‘World’, de­pict­ing a time for a fresh be­gin­ning. You find great se­cu­rity at home, while work may progress at a slow pace this month. To keep healthy, make sure you con­sume lots of fresh fruit juices and pair this by us­ing nat­u­ral mud packs for your skin and hair. Try swim­ming to cool off in the heat and also as an ef­fec­tive form of ex­er­cise. You will see im­proved fi­nances by the end of the month. So­cial life will be great as you meet fam­ily and friends, strength­en­ing bonds with them.

Tip of the month: Braids are a great way to keep cool and trendy.

Your tarot card is ‘The Sun’, de­pict­ing a time of bal­ance. Your lucky streak con­tin­ues, mak­ing it the per­fect time to put your best foot forward. Col­leagues may need a help­ing hand and you man­age to give them that with pa­tience and spirit. A trim, fresh man­i­cure and pedi­cure will help you stay calm and cool through these hot days. This is a great time to prac­tice med­i­ta­tion or a breath­ing ex­er­cise to calm your sys­tem. Love life is great as your part­ner un­der­stands all your wants per­fectly.

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