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Got a smart event coming up in au­tumn? This se­cret gar­den in­spired braid by Sam Bur­ley us­ing Great Lengths hair ex­ten­sions is sure to get you no­ticed!

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74 The se­cret gar­den braid

STEP 1: Sec­tion the hair along the part­ing and from ear to ear.

STEP 2: Take a tri­an­gle sec­tion from two inches in front of the crown to be­low the crown and se­cure with a band.

STEP 3: Bring the first sec­tion forward and tem­po­rar­ily keep in place with a hairslide. Then take the next sec­tion be­low the first, work­ing with roughly two and a half inches of hair and se­cure with a band.

STEP 4: Re­move the hairslide from the first sec­tion of hair and di­vide pony­tail into two equal sec­tions. Place the sec­ond pony­tail be­tween this and clip up. Bring the two split sec­tions back to­gether, add ad­di­tional hair from ei­ther side and place in a pony­tail.

STEP 5: Fol­low this tech­nique through­out the hair un­til you get to the bot­tom, leav­ing enough hair to be pulled through to loosen the style and then se­cure with a band.

STEP 6: Gen­tly pull out the hair­style to loosen it and give it more tex­ture.

STEP 7: Di­vide the re­main­ing hair into two, leav­ing a small sec­tion at the front. Brush the back sec­tion and di­rect it across the first pony­tail. Se­cure with grips. Re­peat on the op­po­site side and keep it in place with a fin­ish­ing spray.

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