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While we don’t have much control over ge­net­ics, there’s a lot more that you can do, and a lot that you should avoid. As we men­tioned ear­lier, make-up is def­i­nitely not the so­lu­tion or a way of hid­ing skin pores. In fact, make-up can, at times, make the pores ap­pear en­larged. So, do you need to break-up with your make-up if you have pores? Dr. Mit­tal notes, “First things first, always wash your face be­fore ap­ply­ing make-up, else the dirt and grime mixed with make-up will clog your pores. Never use hot wa­ter, as it will en­large your pores and al­low dirt to en­ter. Avoid soaps, es­pe­cially perfumed ones, as they strip the nat­u­ral oil. Use some hy­drat­ing cleans­ing milk be­fore ap­ply­ing make-up. If you just can’t do with­out soap, choose a mois­tur­is­ing one. Always use a soft towel for your face. Avoid the car­di­nal sin— sleeping with make-up on; it’s sure to give you clogged pores.” Don’t for­get the golden rou­tine of clean­ing­ton­ing-mois­tur­is­ing. Mois­tur­is­ing the skin with a prod­uct best-suited for your skin is es­pe­cially a must. It nour­ishes the skin and cre­ates a bar­rier be­tween large pores and un­wanted oils and dirt and grime. And, as we al­ready know by now, our skin loses its elas­tic­ity as we age, and that wors­ens the is­sue of skin pores. So, us­ing a good blend of anti-age­ing prod­ucts meant for your skin, will un­clog, and tighten the skin.

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