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If you’re guilty of putting your hair through tons of styling and chem­i­cal pro­cesses, it’s time to nourish them back to health with the Be­rina Treat­ment Spa Nour­ish­ing Cream Bath.

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When you think of qual­i­ties of healthy hair, two things come to mind in­stantly— soft­ness and shine. But when we give in to our guilty plea­sure of styling our locks as per the sea­son’s lat­est trends—through iron­ing, blowdry­ing, colour­ing, or perming—we strip the hair off mois­ture and th­ese two qual­i­ties are com­pro­mised. Like us, if you are guilty of putting your hair through all this and more, you must also com­mit to look after its health. En­ter, the Be­rina Treat­ment Spa Nour­ish­ing Cream Bath, which is set to take care of your hair woes and re­store their health, lus­tre and bounce!

Why a hair spa?

Just as you mois­turise your dry skin with salves and but­ters, you must re­store your hair’s health by us­ing prod­ucts such as hair spa creams too. Th­ese pen­e­trate deep within the hair and work to re­pair the hair’s bro­ken bonds, hy­drate the hair and also re­plen­ish the nu­tri­tion that they lack.

The Be­rina Treat­ment Spa Nour­ish­ing Cream Bath

This in­no­va­tive hair spa cream is a saviour for dry, dam­aged hair. If you have re­cently bleached or chem­i­cally treated your hair and you no­tice that they have be­come dry or stiff, give this prod­uct a go. The Spa Cream re­plen­ishes your hair’s lost mois­ture and nu­tri­tion through the vi­ta­mins and nu­tri­ents it con­tains. By restor­ing th­ese, you get to nurse your hair back to good health—they are bouncy, soft and shiny once again!

The process

This light­weight and nour­ish­ing Cream Bath is very easy to use—the process starts by sham­poo­ing the hair thor­oughly to cleanse it. Once the hair is rinsed, the Be­rina Treat­ment Spa Nour­ish­ing Cream Bath is worked through your wet hair, mas­saged gen­tly into the strands and scalp for a re­lax­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. The hair should then ide­ally be steamed, as the Cream sits on the sit for 10 min­utes to work its magic. After a fi­nal rinse, you can say hello your smooth, silky and nour­ished hair!

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