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1.Take a V-sec­tion on top of the crown and part a ddi­ag­o­nal sec­tion on the front which blends alo long the hhair­line. Start to cut from the top of the ear grad­u­at­ing it ffrom 45 de­grees to 90 de­grees. The fringe should be ccut ac­cord­ing to the fore­head. Cut the back sec­tions aat a 90-de­gree an­gle. 2. Take a large tri­an­gle on the crown and two smaller oones on the sides and ap­ply Igora Vario Blond plus Ppow­der. Use Igora Royal 5-889 on the sides oout­side the tri­an­gle. Use Igora Royal 7-887 on the ttop tri­an­gles and al­ter­nate 9-998 and 100-88 on the ss­maller ones al­ter­na­tively.

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