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Abra­ham & Thakore are the new­est ad­di­tions to London’s Vic­to­ria & Al­bert Mu­seum’s per­ma­nent ex­hibit. With its four-mil­lion-plus-pieces of cul­tural rep­re­sen­ta­tions from across the globe, the iconic mu­seum is a fit­ting home to this par­tic­u­lar sari (see right). Part of the duo’s first-ever ramp pre­sen­ta­tion for Spring 2010, the black drape, worn with a tu­nic tucked i n and cinched to­gether with a leather belt, is, in the de­sign­ers’ words, a com­men­tary on the so­cial en­vi­ron­ment of the coun­try at present. Any In­dian will tell you that black is not the most aus­pi­cious colour, and to make a sari, to style it above the an­kle, is a gesture that’s al­most icon­o­clas­tic. How­ever, the twain have made it look beau­ti­ful and mod­ern at the same time. The sari chan­nels thou­sands of years of In­dia’s cul­tural de­vel­op­ment and his­tory, and what Abra­ham & Thakore have done has only made it all the more rel­e­vant. Here’s to a new look to­wards In­dia at the V&A.

David Abra­ham and Rakesh Thakore Abra­ham & Thakore Rick­shaw Sari from their Spring 2010 show

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