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Andy Warhol had once de­clared he wanted to die in his blue jeans. That is an emo­tion many feel for their most trusted com­pan­ion. But buy­ing that per­fect pair of jeans is hard work. It re­quires mul­ti­ple vis­its to the fit­ting room, var­i­ous girl­friends’ opin­ions, too many min­utes spent in a claus­tro­pho­bic cube in front of the mir­ror, and co­pi­ous amounts of denim piled up on a weary arm while one scopes the store. There has to be an eas­ier way! And there is—the grand, vir­tual space called the In­ter­net. Sure, it comes with its set of ob­sta­cles, but it’s not nearly as phys­i­cally de­mand­ing as the for­mer.

For one, it gives you ac­cess to la­bels from across the globe and lit­er­ally spoils you for choice. With an al­most end­less va­ri­ety of styles, it may, how­ever, be­come be­wil­der­ing. And since jeans are unique and per­sonal items, wholly de­pen­dent on fit, the real chal­lenge is siz­ing. Then again, it also of­fers ex­cep­tional style ad­vi­sory and size guides that dou­ble as one’s clan­des­tine con­fi­dantes. You no longer have to bear with the snarky com­ments of a jeal­ous bff, or worse, de­lib­er­ately un­sound ad­vice.

Still, hav­ing your own cus­tomised cheat sheet is most em­pow­er­ing. Once you crack the code of the on­line cart, you will never want to wait in line at the cashier’s again. Be­gin with jot­ting down a jeans jour­nal. What is that? A list of qual­i­ties your den­ims must pos­sess. It’s easy: Find a start­ing point, iden­tify the salient fea­tures, and the one con­stant that never changes (be it the wash, the length, the waist, or the cut), and then, just im­pro­vise!

First off, en­vi­sion an icon, one that you re­late to most in terms of style. Think, for in­stance, Brigitte Bar­dot and the Guess girls. Those retro capris are be­ing re­hashed every­where to­day in the form of printed, polka-dot­ted graz­ers. But ask yourself this: Are you that in­sou­ciant sex-kit­ten with dainty-as-a-teacup an­kles? Or are you more into the grunge revo­lu­tion of the ’90s, anti-fits tee­ter­ing on your gluteal cleft, ex­pos­ing a broad-banded brief cour­tesy of Kate Moss in Calvin Klein ad­verts? Or are you an early 2000s’ cow­girl in boot­leg­gers with a low waist and a lace-up fly à la Brit­ney Spears and Madonna?

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