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to try mind­ful­ness (a men­tal state achieved by fo­cus­ing one’s aware­ness on the present mo­ment, while calmly ac­knowl­edg­ing and ac­cept­ing one’s feel­ings, thoughts and bod­ily sen­sa­tions; also used as a ther­a­peu­tic tech­nique)? Try this for 10 min­utes a day ini­tially, and work up from there: Sit qui­etly, close your eyes, and fo­cus on your breath­ing. Say a word such as ‘peace’ or ‘one’ each time you ex­hale. Don’t worry about thoughts that come to mind; come back to them later, and re­peat your word. This helps bring your at­ten­tion back to the present. You may only be able to sus­tain this for a few mo­ments as you be­gin, but with prac­tice you’ll find your­self re­lax­ing for longer pe­ri­ods.

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