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You are con­sid­ered to have a healthy di­etary pat­tern if your diet met at least half of these cri­te­ria: 3 or more serv­ings of veg­eta­bles daily (non-starchy). 3 or more serv­ings of fruits daily. 1 or more serv­ings of nuts daily. 2 or more serv­ings of fish per week. 2 ½ or more serv­ings of dairy prod­ucts daily. 3 or more serv­ings of whole grains daily. Limit of 1 ½ serv­ings of re­fined grains daily. Limit of 1 serv­ing pro­cessed meat per week. Limit of 1 ½ serv­ings un­pro­cessed red meat weekly. Limit of 1 sugar-sweet­ened bev­er­age per week. No more than 2,000 mil­ligrams sodium daily. Low trans fat in­take. Gen­er­ally, a serv­ing is 1 cup leafy greens or 1 piece medium fruit; ½ cup cut veg­eta­bles or fruit or 100% juice; ½ cup cooked grains or pasta; 1 cup ce­real, milk or yo­gurt; 1 slice bread; 1 oz (ounce) nuts or cheese; 3.5 oz fish or un­pro­cessed meat; 1.75 oz pro­cessed meat; 8 oz sug­ary bev­er­age.

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